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  • portrait
    In a 4000 square feet studio with classic and modern décor and backdrops, Joseph Photo offers a wide variety of styles and environment for indoor photo and video shootings. We are committed to provide you and your family a friendly, professional and pleasant photography experience.
  • wedding
    Joseph Photo specializes in different variety of photography and videography productions, especially our skills and experiences in wedding photography are highly appreciated by the newlyweds. Over 20 years, we have witnessed over ten thousand couples tying the knots and starting their new life together. Recently, our overseas pre-wedding photography is gradually being welcomed because of our photography style and reasonable price.
  • commerical
    At Joseph Photo, we provide a range of commercial photography and videography services indoor and outdoor including corporate portraits and advertising video productions. We are here to accommodate your requirements and go beyond your expectation.
  • event
    Over the years, we have been providing professional event photography and videography services for PR/event agencies and numerous companies. We are familiar with clients’ needs and are able to cater to different kinds of requests.
Capturing the precious moments of your life, we provide the finest photography and videography services in town. From portraiture, graduation & family, baby & pregnancy, pre-wedding, wedding day to events and commercial, we are pleased to help you to preserve unforgettable memories in photos and videos for your family and future generations.
Taiwan Pre Wedding 2015

拍攝期:全年 主題:大自然

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Macau Pre Wedding 2015

拍攝期:全年 主題:歷史建築、文化

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Wedding Day 2015

How much for you value your once-in-a-life time photos on your wedding day? It’s our mission to help you to capture the precious moments and preserve the memories for your future generations.

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Prague Pre Wedding 2015

拍攝期:4,6,8,10月 主題:歷史建築、文化、大自然

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Passport Photos

Professional studio lighting for student photos, passport and corporate portraits.

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